Process to Avail Online Domicile/Resident Certificate in Kerala

A Residence Certificate is generally issued for those who want to prove that they are continuous residence of the particular state. It is generally issued to prove that the person bearing the Certificate is a permanent Domicile  of the Kerala State by which the Certificate is being issued to him/her. The domicile Certificate is required as a proof of residence to avail various benefits which are announced by the state govt such as ; Resident Quotas in educational institutions and in Government Service, it also plays important role in case of jobs where local residents are preferred.

Residence/Domicile certificate is a very essential document for all the important works which are done by an individual. This certificate proves that the person is residing in a Kerala state from a specified period of time. And the person is the permanent resident of that particular place or state . 
The domicile certificates comes in use for various purpose such as it provides quotas in educational level, it provides, it allows students to apply for scholarship schemes etc. One must know that the Domicile certificate is also very important to obtain the Ration Card,Driving Licence,Passport services etc in state.

Only those persons are eligible for obtaining the Domicile certificate in Kerala state whose  parents/ guardian are the permanent resident or living for more than 10 years in the Kerala state. Generally the Domicile certificate has been issued by the Revenue Department Officer under the Taluk Office, it is the only concerned department of the domicile certificate in Kerala.
To obtain the Domicile/Resident Certificate applicants need to produce some important document copies which are needed to submit along with the application form to get the resident certificate in Kerala state. An important documents which are needed to be submitted along with the Resident Certificate Application in Kerala are: 

Required Documents :

  • The proof that you have been residing in Kerala state for minimum period that is specified by the state.(10 years)
  • Proof of your own land in the state 
  • Valid id proof
  • School certificates
  • Tehsil inquiry report
  • Ration card
  • Birth certificate
.All these important documents will prove that the person is a continuous resident or staying in Kerala state for last 10 years. The applicant need to show the Ration card, voter id card, ,house tax receipt, details of property which is owned by the applicant’s parents or guardian. 
After the  successful submission of application along with necessary documents copies , the applicant will get his/her  Domicile or Resident Certificate within 30 days of issuing date by the concerned authority.
This is to inform you that the prescribed application forms are either available online or from the local authorities, such as . the Sub-Divisional Magistrate/Tehsildar’s office/Revenue Department/District Collector’s Office, or any other authority as specified in the Kerala State.

Approval Authority

The domicile certificate is issued by the Tehsildar who has the authorization to issue Domicile Certificate on basis of the report from Village Officer

Kindly Note

The Domicile Certificate can be issued only in one State. Obtaining Domicile Certificate from more than one State is an offence.

Application Form 

The application form can be downloaded from the following link

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