Process to Apply For Domicile/Residence Certificate in Uttar Pradesh

A Domicile Certificate is generally issue to those who wants to prove their residence certificate. This certificate also proves that an individual is bearing the Certificate is a Domicile/ of the State for which the Certificate is being issued. The Domicile/Resident Certificate is usually required as a proof of residence to avail Domicile Quotas in educational as well as professional institutions and also in the Government jobs, as also in case of jobs where local residents are preferred.

A Domicile Certificate in Uttar Pradesh state is issued to those persons whose parents/guardian are the permanent residents of the particular district, or a person who is being residing in the district for minimum 3 years. If any person is a government servant or if any person works in a private company will also get some relaxation under this certificate.

Who Will Issue this Certificate :

If you wish to apply for the domicile/resident certificate in Uttar Pradesh state then in that case you need to appraoch your district District Magistrate or any Additional. District Magistrate/ SDM authorised by the DM shall be the competent officer to issue Domicile Certificates.

Kindly Note

If any applicant is trying to obtain more than one certificate then he/she will be strictly punished by the state govt

Online Application form 

One can download the application form from the given website link

Process to Apply for Domicile Certificate :

The applicant is required to apply for Domicile Certificate in Form-1 . Then the applicant should submit his/her 2 passport size photographs along with the application form. In which i photo will be affixed on the certificate and rest will be kept for the records.The applicant has to submit verification letter in the prescribed format from any one of the following:-

  • Gazetted Officer
  • Member of Parliament (MP)
  • Member of legislative Assembly (MLA)
  • Chairman, Zila Panchayat
  • Chairman, Nagar Panchayat
  • Branch Manager, Nationalised Bank.
  • You are also required to present your residence proof in the State for a specified minimum period of time.
  • And the important documents of your identity as well as residence, attestation of the form by officers from the concerned authority, school leaving certificates and the Tehsil Enquiry Report is also required

You have to submit any one of following:

  • Certificate from Employer/Chairman, Gram Panchayat/Chairman, Nagar Panchayat
  • Ration Card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN (Income Tax)
  • House Tax / Water Tax
  • Electricity Bill


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