Process to Avail Residence/Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Avail Residence/Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

As you all know that Domicile/ Residence Certificate is an important proof which states that the person who is holding this certificate is a permanent residence of the Karnataka state.

 The Domicile Certificate is required to proof residence and also to avail Resident Quotas in educational institutions  in the state. It is also essential for applying the Government jobs.

Concerned Authority:
The concerned Revenue Department of the Karnataka state is fully responsible for the Domicile Certificate. The designated Tehsildar officer is the one who provides the domicile certificate. The competent officer is the Assistant Commissioner and the Appellate authority is in the hands of the Deputy Commissioner.
Only those candidates are eligible to obtain the Domicile certificate in Karnataka whose parents/ guardian are the permanent resident or living for more than 6 years in the Karnataka state.

The Domicile certificate is generally issued by the concerned Revenue Department Officer. And it is the only concerned department of the domicile certificate in Karnataka where the certificate is being issued to an applicants.

It is to be informed that the Domicile Certificate cannot be made more than one in state. If any applicant apply for it more than one then he/she will be punished.

Its Uses:
As every individual is aware of it that the domicile certificate is very useful to obtain various facilities in state and some of these are furnished below:
  • It is useful to avail of the resident quota reservation in educational institutes
  • It is useful to avail of the resident quota reservation in Government Services
  • It is useful to give the proof of residence in the state wherever it is needed.
Kindly Note:
Domicile Certificate issued by the district Tehsildar and it will issued within 7 working days.
Required Documents :
To obtain the residence certificate one needs to collect some important documents which are highlighted below:

  • Copy of School Leaving Certificate
  • Residential proof (any one of them)
    • Ration card,
    • Voter ID,
    • House tax,
    • Tax receipt,
    • Details or papers of the property which is owned by the applicant’s parents or guardian.
  • Birth Certificate
Process To Apply For Domicile Certificate in Karnataka:
  • First you are required to download the application form from this link and then you need to fill the form with the required details. 
  • After that you are required to submit the filled application form along with required documents to the Revenue Department Office.
  • After the successful submission of application and documents you will receive the Domicile Certificate within 30 days of issuing date by the concerned authority.
Required Information While Filling the Form :
  • Name of the Applicant
  • Father/Guardian’s Name
  • Sex (M/F)
  • Residential Address
  • Purpose for which the certificate is required
  • Ration Card No.
An applicant needs to pay the fees amount for form which is Rs. 45/- from setu.

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  1. Nasir Ahmed says


    PH- 7411669291

  2. bhupal says

    for minor students what is the rule for domicile

  3. Sharath says

    Few months back we moved to some other state before that we stayed in Bangalore for more than 20 years. But for the sake of my higher studies needed study certificate stating that I’m not an localite. Stayed in Bangalore for more . How should I proceed to get my residence certificate in Bangalore.

  4. Manasa Prasad.M says

    Hi..I n my husband are the domiciles of karnataka but As my husband is in Army ,we keep moving every 3 years to different states. My concern is such cases will our kids be eligible for getting the domicile of karnataka on the basis of our (parents)domicile..what is thr policy for getting the domicile of karnataka for Army kids. Kindly enlighten me about the issue.Thanks!!

  5. Vijay Karwa says

    My daughter is studying in bangalore from June 2009, but the BBMP authorities are asking for Residential Proof. I have submitted by Election card which was received in 2013. but they are not satisfied. I want Domicile certificate for 8 years. They are asking Documents for before 2011, I am having Registration Documents of my flat, which was borrowed in 2011. Also, I have submitted my Gas Connection which was issued in 2008. Kindly suggest me if any other Documents can be produced. Matter is Urgent.
    Also, for how many years this Domicile Certificated is valid.

  6. Chandrasekhar says

    I have a domicile in zkarnataka having studied for 20 years and owning house in Bengaluru. Is my daughter eligible for domicile in karnataka?.She is residing in Haryana.

  7. Anitha says

    Hi Sir / Madam, I was born and brought up in hospet , Karnataka. I lived in hospet for more than 23yrs .After my marriage, I moved and live in andhra pradesh. For past 10 years till date my parents live and settled in Bangalore, Karnataka. I want domicile certificate of my previous residence/ stay while I was in Karnataka for my son education purpose . We approached Hospet Thasildar office,Karnataka , inspite of producing all required documents, they have not processed my application as I have been told that currently my parents are not residential of Hospet, Karnataka and they settled in Bangalore, Karnataka for past 10 years. Request you to please suggest how to proceed further and where to availe to get domicile certificate from Bangalore , Karnataka which I can present it during councelling time. It’s little urgent . Awaiting your response.