Process to Obtain Domicile/Resident Certificate in Maharashtra

A Domicile/Residence Certificate is very essential document for all purpose. It is the document which provides various facilities and human rights in Maharashtra state. This certificate is generally issued by the respective government authority for every citizen of Maharashtra state to prove that the person bearing the Certificate is a Domicile/Resident of the State by which it is being issued. […]

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All those applicants who wish to obtain Domicile Certificate in Bihar must visit to the concerned Revenue Department. A Domicile certificate is generally issued to prove that an applicant is a permanent resident of that particular state from past 10 years.    A residence/domicile certificate is usually used to obtain various benefits which are offered by the state govt. This […]

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Avail Domicile/Bonafide Certificate in Rajasthan

As you all know that the Domicile Certificate helps to prove the residence proof. This certificate is issue in every state. The domicile certificate provides various facilities to all those citizens who resides in that particular state. A domicile certificate is the main proof that the person is bearing this certificate is a domicile certificate of the state by which […]

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Process to Avail Residence/Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Avail Residence/Domicile Certificate in Karnataka     As you all know that Domicile/ Residence Certificate is an important proof which states that the person who is holding this certificate is a permanent residence of the Karnataka state.    The Domicile Certificate is required to proof residence and also to avail Resident Quotas in educational institutions  in the state. It is […]

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